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“YOUR BOOK in 100 DAYS” was written by Mindy Gibbins-Klein and Bert Verdonck.Both authors have joined forces to create this excellent book that will help you achieve your goals. They first met at an Ecademy Blackstar event in London. During an international Blackstar event in Belgium they decided to write “YOUR BOOK in 100 DAYS” together. Who are they and what can they do extra for you? Discover it here…

About Mindy Gibbins-Klein

In addition to writing books, I also do a lot of public speaking, and I work with a limited number of private clients at any one time. I work with between five and eight people on their projects. You can visit The Book Midwife website at www.bookmidwife.com. We offer several programs, including an unlimited program. That way I can guarantee to be available for my private clients. I want to be available when someone needs me, so I can work on a retainer basis. That means there is a place where you can go and get what you need, whenever you need it. Whether it is reassurance, dealing with an inner voice, “I don’t know where to take this idea”, “I don’t know where to find this research”, “Am I finished with this, do I need more, do I need less…” Whatever is needed at that time, that’s what we deal with. You are more than capable of  writing the book that you have inside you and that you have started to map out. I have no doubt about that. If you want more, if you want that ongoing partnership and mentoring, it is available. Whatever you choose to do, this foundation is absolutely critical. Keep this safe, this is sacred, this work that you are doing today and that you have already done, as well as what you are just about to do.

Contact details Mindy Gibbins-Klein

The Book Midwife

48 St Vincent Drive, St Albans,
Hertfordshire AL1 5SJ UK

Tel: +44 (0)845 003 8848
Email: mindy@bookmidwife.com
Web: www.bookmidwife.com
Blog: bookmidwife.wordpress.com
Twitter: twitter.com/bookmidwife

About Bert Verdonck

Have you ever said to yourself “If only I had more time?” Do you need to use a computer to get your work done? Then my Genius Shortcuts are for you!

Most people are afraid of technology, because no one ever showed them how simple it really can be. Feeling uncomfortable and inefficient in your use of technology can restrict your career advancement.

Imagine what you can do with 2 extra hours a day!

I teach you tips, tricks and tools that are guaranteed to save you at least 2 working hours a day. You’ll discover how to take control of technology to save you time and money.

Examples of Genius Shortcuts include: finding anuy email in 1 second, reading 3 times faster in 15 minutes, viewing 200 images in 20 seconds and writing 100 personalised emails in 1 hour.

So, do you want more?

Let me help you to upgrade your life and achieve anything you wish for. YOU are the one you’ve been waiting for! I am committed to get you to the next level.

Are you ready to take the next step?

Book Bert as your keynote speaker now!Or do you prefer a workshop, training or personal coaching? Why wait? Get in touch now!

Contact details Bert Verdonck

Bert Verdonck
Lifehacker & Life Coach
Create, Connect & Contribute
Founder of Genius Shortcuts

Oude Terelststraat 60
B-2650 Edegem (Antwerp)

Tel: +32 3226 0000
Email: bert.verdonck@bertverdonck.com
Web: www.bertverdonck.com
Blog: blog.bertverdonck.com
Twitter: twitter.com/bertverdonck
New Zealand: www.geniusshortcuts.co.nz
Audio: www.geniusshortcuts.com

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